Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Almost a brand new year!

Just realizing that i'm actually posting on New Year's is just that late. Must go to bed after this and get my zzzzzzzzzz's.

Today was really bizarre, but here it is;

M1 : Yogurt and berries, coffee
M2: 3 egg whites (hard boiled)
M3: chicken breast and steam veggies
M4: missed it!! oops
M5: whole wheat pasta with veggie sauce (I didn't have time to cook meat along with it, as we were heading to the gym).

The gym - well my 12-year-old niece is here with us for a few days, and as the daycare is closed until the New Year, it has ben difficult for Craig and I to go to the gym together (Tosca really stresses the importance of working out with a buddy). So, we've been taking advantage of the family swim times instead, and taking turns doing our workouts.

Well, Hannah really wanted us to "All" be in the pool together, so I dropped Craig off at the gym first (he wasn't ready for a meal anyhow) and made dinner for the rest of us. Then we headed to the gym about 1.5 hours later. Craig joined us in the pool, and we were there for an hour. I stayed in the deep end for 45 minutes, while I dove, swam and treaded water. I kept moving to keep my heart rate up.

At the end, Craig took the kids home and I continued my workout. Let me tell you, trying to workout after swimming was HARD!! I did 10 minutes on the bike (very hard, mind you), 5 minutes rowing, 1/2 an hour working out my legs, and 10 minutes on the treadmill. I could only run for 2 minutes tonight, I was just so tired!!
Moral of the story....plan ahead, and try not to workout after swimming...your muscles will thank you! ;-)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying Again!!

Oh my! I have been having some major problems trying to post to my blog. But I think I have it this time!

Anyhow, today I decided to look for some recent and not-so-recent pictures of me. Almost a before and after. It literally took me an hour to find the "before" picture posted below. The reason? Well, like many overweight women, I don't like the way I look. Therefore, I am always behind the lens (I am a photographer after all), or i'm being goofy and giving a fake smile to the camera. More often than not, I delete all photos of me. took me an hour to find one picture of me on our computer. This one must have slipped by my delete-happy finger.

So here it is, an almost full length picture of me, at my heaviest, taken in March of this year. It really brings to perspective just why I chose to change our lives by following the Eat Clean Diet. I have had many ups and downs, but the fact is that I am down 39 pounds since this photo was taken, and 24 pounds down since starting to Eat Clean. I was able to lose 15 pounds somewhere along the line from March to September, by doing bits of cardio here and there at the gym. But the 24 pounds is from September to December is all from eating clean. 15 pounds in 6 months, versus 24 pounds in three months....i'm no mathematician here, but I think eating clean is the way to go!

Here is the picture I took of myself today. It's a raw photo, which is what I wanted. It's me, without makeup, without a fancy hairdo, and just using a small flash. It's as real as I could get it. I'm wearing spandex...yikes, and not much on top. I was going to do a sports bra, but this is as brave as I could get. I couldn't get the same angle, as all my photography equipment was out in the garage, and it's cold out, and I wasn't changing again! HA! So, this was done without a tripod, and the photo above has the better angle...believe it or not. So again, it's a raw photo that I took of me today, and i'm proud that I posted it. It will be great to compare it to my future sexy photos!!

I'm still not liking the way that I look, but I do think that I look better. Most importantly, I feel better. I have an appointment with my doctor at the end of January, and i'm hoping to get more tests done and get off all medication!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Emotional Roller Coaster!

I haven't been keeping up with my blogging, and i've made a promise to myself to get back on it, so here I am!!

Last week I made a few self discoveries that have really helped with my image issues. I have realized that i'm actually a good person, and that I deserve to be happy. So, instead of sabatoging myself when i'm down, I am looking to find a healthy habit to replace the drug that, until recently, helped ease whatever emotional pain I was I'm going to start with walking for 10 minutes or however long it takes for the feeling to go away. Walking will let me sort out the problem, and I might still be upset without having found a solution, but at least I won't be turning to food.

With that said, I have been diligently following the clean diet and have been continuing with my exercise regime. I actually love exercising. The fabulous feeling I get afterwards is something I always look forward to.

This past weekend was a girl's weekend with my friends Nancy, Andrea, Laura and Trina. These girls have known me since I was 14, and they have all known each other since grade school. The weekend usually involves copious amounts of food and alcohol. I promised myself not to have more than two glasses of wine, and I actually stuck to that promise. The red wine was one that I had never tasted before, and it was delicious. After the second glass, I was feeling more than a little tipsy, and there was a moment where I really wanted a third glass. Nancy promised to look out for me, and even said that she would drink the rest of the bottle, so I wouldn't have the third glass! But something inside me kept saying "no" to the third glass, and i'm pretty sure I heard Tosca yelling at me, saying she would kick my butt if I did.

The food was delicious. Nancy made a wonderful spread. She showed us how to take rice paper, put it in hot water to make it soft, and then use it as a wrap. I had chicken, and all sorts of veggies in mine...with hot sauce. It was wonderful!! And so easy to do!

The next day Andrea and Trina left early as they had family duties to get back to. Nancy, Laura and I had a light breakfast and we decided to head to the cemetary to have a visit with Laura's mom and my dad. I haven't been back to the cemetary since we had the burial ceremony. That was over 10 years ago. I was afraid that it would be to hard, and I didn't want to deal with those feelings. But i'm so glad that I went. I feel like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders, and I wish I did it years ago. I will go as often as I can, and I will take the kids the next time I go.

All in all, it was a very good week. Emotionally draining, but we all need to have weeks like this to regroup with our inner beings.

Cheers to all who come across this!