Monday, August 17, 2009

Blonde Ambition

Yes, you read right. I am a blonde, ambitious girl.

Tonight, I have questioned myself about the motives behind my quest to become a healthy, inspired, organized....chef...or even...cook.

I really don't have a motive, I just want to show my kids, and I guess myself, that i'm not that much of a moran in the kitchen. Hannah told me tonight that she misses having pizza a lot, and going to get doughnuts. It's only been over a week, and we DID have pizza one night (Craig did a triathalon, we spent the day in 40 degree (104 F) at a beach in the time we got home, we were exhausted from the heat, and the kids wanted food now. I wasn't about to get into the kitchen and turn on the oven, so I reverted back to our old ways, and called for the Pizza Man. Craig says that it was a necessary matter, and that if we didn't, the kids would starve. OK I know they wouldn't, but we were just THAT tired).

Anyhow...totally digressing on the issue with Hannah. She loves loves loves junk food. Salty carbs are her favourite. One time she actually cried when I suggested that she only eat half a bagel, and try some fruit with her meal.

And there it motivation. Hannah and I are made out of the same mold, and that mold is made out of Jello. We both have a love/hate relationship with food. She already has said that she wishes she didn't like food so much. She is only six, and this saddens me beyond words.

So, showing her that I can make better decisions with food, will hopefully teach her, if not by my actions, then through osmosis. Monkey see, monkey do...that sort of thing.

Tonight we had whole wheat pasta and pork meatballs. Not a very inspired meal, but it was eaten and enjoyed by all.

I think i'm going to plan, and make sure that ALL ingredients are in the house for the meals for the next week and maybe two weeks. We are going away to our cottage this weekend, so this could be slightly challenging. I won't have full control over the meals...but I can certainly try to fit in at least three meals.

Ambitious....let's wait and see!


ba said...

What about buying mini bagels? Then your girl can have a whole one, and she won't even know that it's "less" than a regular bagel. Yes, of course she'll know it's smaller - but that could be the way to win her over on it. "Look at this cute bagel - it's just the perfect size! It looks so happy beside it's friends Banana and Strawberry." (obviously, I'm not a mom yet, but I'm thinking that a little encouragement to view things in a different light may go a long way. And this way she's not giving up half her bagel...)

Have a great day!

kellybelly said...

LOL. I like the "obviously i'm not a mom yet" comment, but you actually hit it bang on. Hannah is very much into "baby" things. She thinks little things are so cute. I'll have to see what's out there. Thank goodness she likes Ezekial bread, but I haven't found a bagel version. Although, I really shouldn't. As Tosca says, "Bagels are NOT your friend."

Thanks for the advice!


Ros said...

What you are doing is great. Over the last year, I have changed our eating habits and I think it IS paying off. The kids now happily eat lots of vegetables and they will eat brown bread just as easily as white.. but it wasn't always smooth at first.
And interesting reading your post, I had a 7 year old who was almost 'obsessed' with food. It was really weird. I cut a lot of preservatives out of her diet and made a few other changes and she now has a very 'healthy relationship' with food. It will be interesting for you to reflect on things in say a year's time.