Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day One...Scared...yes Scared!

I woke up this morning almost a little terrified. I sat up quickly, like they do in the movies when they cut from a bad dream to the person waking up. I was a bit sweaty, and did the suck-in-you-breath thing. I was dreaming about making a beautiful dinner, and my children were happily eating it, and we were all smiling at each other. Doesn't sound like a nightmare, does it?

The reality is, we spend the most of our dinners convincing the children to eat. "Two more bites" is a common phrase used at our table (or in the living room, which is not to be used as a dinner table ever EVER again).

So, here I am this morning planning ahead, as promised. Tonight I will be serving the Baked Ziti, as found in the ECD for Family and Kids.

I walked into my kitchen, and I could almost see some of the counters. The next few hours will be spent cleaning and sterilizing the kitchen. Oh, just realized that I will have to become a bit of a cleaner too. Hmmm, perhaps lots of good will come out of this project!


The Veg Next Door said...

You're back. That's great.

Congrats on your success.

kellybelly said...

Hey thanks Veg! This whole cooking thing might not be too bad after all. Just about to post on my successful dinner!