Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am a very very tired little lady, and I mean that literally. I'm just over 5'1...most times I say 5'1 and a half....or if someone is conducting a BMI analysis on me, then i'm 5'2. And I am indeed tired.

Yesterday was a bit of a flop. I was supposed to cook the Jerk Tilapia with Rice Pilaf and Asparagus. It didn't happen. This whole planning ahead, and timing thing is getting the better of me. I am trying to make sure that I have enough time to make dinner, before we head out the door to in t-ball. Our digesting on Tuesdays and Thursdays take place in folding chairs, squinting into the evening sun, and making small talk with other parents.

Needless to say, we ate the pasta leftovers from Sunday (which were still delicious, AND gobbled up by the kids) and I vowed to cook the Jerk out of the fish today.

And, here we are...yes there is fish in my belly, partying it up with the asparagus and rice. Looking back, this is a meal that I never would have had 6 years ago (apart from the asparagus, i've always had a mushy love for asparagus). You see, I had a thing about rice. I can't believe i'm going to admit this, because it's fairly embarrasing.

I didn't eat rice for over 15 years because of The Lost Boys movie.

You read it right, a movie had that much impact on my otherwise take-it-or-leave-it attitude I had with rice. In the movie, Keifer Sutherland, asks the Billy character how he likes the maggots he's eating. Billy looks down, and the rice he thought he was eating turned into maggots by the evilness of the vampire folk. It was such a quick shot, but it stayed with me way too long. I had to force myself to try it again, and thank God I did, because then I wouldn't have attempted to eat sushi.

As for the fish. Shamefacedly, I have to tell you, mes amies, I only ate half of the tilapia. Although it's mild, there is just something about the texture still. I don't enjoy it, but I keep trying it with the hope that someday, by some crazy miracle, I will grow to love it. So far, no miracles, but at least I don't gag anymore when attempting to swallow fish.

Hannah and Nicholas ate lean hamburgers without buns. I couldn't force them to eat the fish. I was forced to eat liver once, and I threw up on it. One of my finest moments.

The kids haven't liked fish thus far, and i'm not going to push it. They like all other forms of protein, so it's not necessary. Hannah has even learned that the meat she eats is the animals that she has played with at a farm we visited. She said that she likes pigs....they taste good. Hysterical. I personally never touched veal when I found out it was a baby cow. It seemed wrong somehow. So, yes, another food item that will not make it into my meals.

With that said, I do think some beef would be good for tomorrow night. Steak, perhaps? Let's wait and see!


Glenna said...

I completely understand about the fish. I'm the same way. In theory I like fish, you know, like when I pay $20 for it in a restaurant...and even then I can't always finish it. I keep thinking I'll like it because I'm supposed to but I do think that it has a lot to do with how much fish you ate growing up and the key, to me, is just experimenting until you find ways that you DO like it. I'm in the same boat, sister!

kellybelly said...

It's really hard. For some odd reason I like the oddest kind of ocean creatures. I like oysters, and mussels. You would think that with my texture problems, those blobs sliding down my throat would do me in. But, no!

Glad to hear that others are in the same boat as me....I will soldier on!