Sunday, August 30, 2009

Triathlons, Tornadoes and Cottages....Oh my!

Once again, there's a lapse in my blogging! Sorry friends, I really would like to tell you that there is a reason, but alas, there is not. I will say that I was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD...or whatever you get as an adult, 6 months ago, and I tend to forget to do things, if I don't take my medication on a daily basis. Of course, remembering to take the medication in the first place is part of the initial problem. :-)

Anyhow, about a week ago 7 tornadoes touched down in our region. It was a scary night, and a little bit exhilarating if I'm honest. There is just something so amazing about being scared out of your wits. Poor Hannah was quite terrified, and has been talking about death a lot in the past six months. She is very afraid that we are going to die. I hated being the bad guy, but I did let her know that it is part of life....this whole death thing. But dwelling on it, is not part of the whole life thing. Explaining it to her in these terms actually makes her feel better, and I feel like a good mom. However, I do have to keep her away from the news, as she is quite the little dweller on real life.

Speaking of real life, I mentioned the tornado for a reason. It was the night that started a very bad chain of events for the Newell family, in which we started eating out more often than not again. Knowing that starting a dinner during a tornado watch would be just silly, we ate take-out food. Then the old habits took over. We ate on the way to our cottage, then again on the way back from the cottage Oh! Quick story. At the cottage my uncle taught me how to barbecue the perfect steak. He showed me how to tell how well done the steak is just by pressing the tongs in the middle to see how bouncy the meat is. A neat technique, with great medium-rare steak results. Delish!

Anyhow....a week and a half later, and probably at least 6 meals eaten out, we are back on the wagon, and we did a major shopping expedition at the Wal-Mart Superstore or Supercentre, whatever it's called, tonight. Fresh fruits, veggies, and meat have taken over our fridge and I feel at peace again.

Tomorrow night I will attempt to cook a pork loin roast. With apples even! This is a first for me....and roasts are so yummy that I do hope that I don't screw it up! Corn and sweet potats will accompany the roast. A nice end to a crappy summer (weather-wise....but nice in every other way).

Another way to end the entry into my first triathlon!! It's in two weeks, and i'm scared silly. Craig is fitting me for his bike. I was going to use mine, but his is 10 times better, and my event is the day before his THIRD triathlon. I'm just doing a baby tri....sooo not brave enough to do a sprint. That will come next year, I hope.

Training has been fun. I have biked the 10k and then ran for over 1 k right after it. I would have kept going if I were wearing a proper sports bra. The girls were flopping all over the place, and after a 1 k run, I just couldn't take it anymore. But it was good to know that it was only my uncontrollable boobies that stopped me, and not screaming legs or a lack of will to go on.

Also, during our cottage weekend, Craig and I thought it would be fun to swim to a small island in the middle of our lake. Turns out that the island is almost 1 km away. So a swim there and back is more than four times the length i'll be doing for my tri....and it was really easy. The swim is going to be the most comfortable part for me. The bike is what i'm afraid's been a long time since i've biked out on the road, at a fast pace. This is my focus for the week, getting used to outdoor biking. Spinning classes, and road racing are two different I hear.

And now, the beauty rest...I so need sleep. Nicholas, the almost-four-year-old, has been getting up frequently for drinks during the night, and I'm exhausted from it. Any help on breaking this habit? It was easy to do when Hannah went through it, but she was two, not four and stubborn.

Off to sleep! Good night mes amies!


Kristina said...

I have 4 kids and they all have water next to their beds.

spotlessmind said...

Hi! I was looking for blogs by people trying the Eat Clean plan, as I just picked up the book and are looking into trying to make some permanent changes to my lifestyle. I had to laugh when I came across your blog - I had thought about naming my blog "Blonde Ambition", and look there, that's the title of one of your recent posts. It's fate.

Anyway, I'm definitely going to follow your blog, and should you be moved to (I'm not sure why you would, but who knows!), feel free to check out my small but hopefully growing blog -

setiawati said...

i have 2 kids