Monday, November 3, 2008

Trying to Keep UP!!!

Holy cow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted last. I thought that blogging would be an easy peasy thing to do, but my life has been so busy lately, that this blog has taken to the back burner.

So, an update. I was accepted into the Ontario Self Employment Benefits program, and am currently in week 2, of 7 weeks of business training (how to start your own business, and market it, and get financing, and and and). There is a lot of information to take in, and i'm sitting in a class room for 5-8 hours Monday to body is NOT used to being idle like this. It's very hard to concentrate after awhile!

Last week started out good, but the closer it got to Halloween, and the more unorganized I became, the stress in me was ready to come out. I was so worried about Halloween, and afraid that I would just gorge myself on the kid's candy, that I never really got to enjoy the night. I spoke with Tosca beforehand, and we discussed what to do with the candy. We basically decided that we would get rid of at least have of the kid's candy, giving it to those in need. I called around, and shelters cannot take loose candy items, so I ended up giving it to the cast of Cats (the show that the theatre group I belong to is putting on right now). Hannah loved the show, and was delighted that the cast was happily eating her candy. How's that for a generous kid?

Nick, Hannah and I went through their candy, and they each picked 25 pieces to keep in their Halloween bags. This was to last them 3 weeks, with one candy a day, but some has been "disappearing", and it won't make it to the three weeks. Little sneaks!! heh

As for me, I did have a few little chocolate bars, but I would say that I have eaten about 5 per cent of what I would normally have eaten in the past. It used to be a free-for-all in the past, and now I was able to have a couple, and leave the rest. Pat on the back for that one!

Today I had yogurt, mixed with bee pollen and Kashi cereal. Yum!!! I need to add fruit to that next time. The pasta tonight with ground turkey and roasted veggie sauce was sooo yummy too. Mmmmmm!

I'm starting classes at the gym in the morning (6:15 a.m. ... ugh), twice a week. Craig started a boxing class tonight, and just about died!! I guess it's my turn tomorrow. I'll write about it soon!

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