Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Almost a brand new year!

Just realizing that i'm actually posting on New Year's is just that late. Must go to bed after this and get my zzzzzzzzzz's.

Today was really bizarre, but here it is;

M1 : Yogurt and berries, coffee
M2: 3 egg whites (hard boiled)
M3: chicken breast and steam veggies
M4: missed it!! oops
M5: whole wheat pasta with veggie sauce (I didn't have time to cook meat along with it, as we were heading to the gym).

The gym - well my 12-year-old niece is here with us for a few days, and as the daycare is closed until the New Year, it has ben difficult for Craig and I to go to the gym together (Tosca really stresses the importance of working out with a buddy). So, we've been taking advantage of the family swim times instead, and taking turns doing our workouts.

Well, Hannah really wanted us to "All" be in the pool together, so I dropped Craig off at the gym first (he wasn't ready for a meal anyhow) and made dinner for the rest of us. Then we headed to the gym about 1.5 hours later. Craig joined us in the pool, and we were there for an hour. I stayed in the deep end for 45 minutes, while I dove, swam and treaded water. I kept moving to keep my heart rate up.

At the end, Craig took the kids home and I continued my workout. Let me tell you, trying to workout after swimming was HARD!! I did 10 minutes on the bike (very hard, mind you), 5 minutes rowing, 1/2 an hour working out my legs, and 10 minutes on the treadmill. I could only run for 2 minutes tonight, I was just so tired!!
Moral of the story....plan ahead, and try not to workout after swimming...your muscles will thank you! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog today. Wanted to see how the new year was going?? How is the progress? Just wanted to tell you that eating clean is the best way to eat! It is life changing! I have been eating clean for 5 years and will never go back! Check out this blog to see some really great transformations! Keep up the good work!

kellybelly said...

Hey there. Not sure if you'll get this reply so late. I wasn't very good at checking for comments, so i'm going back. Eating clean is life changing, that's for sure. I'll check out your blog in a few.

Take care!!!