Saturday, October 4, 2008

The changes are coming!

Well, Miss Hannah has NOT been happy with the changes we are making to better our lives. She actually cried this morning when I told her what her choices for breakfast were. She was so sad, and it broke my heart, but she needs this change as much as we do. Obesity in children is very scary, and I want her to outlive me!

Hannah enjoyed some hummus and carrots today, and is drinking more water than she normally would. When she was on the phone with her grandmother today she said that, "We aren't having any sugar stuff anymore, because it's not healthy. So, no buns with dinner please and no dessert." I just have to teach her that there are other desserts out there that are yummy, not just ice cream. LOL

Hannah and Craig went for a bike ride together. Hannah didn't last more than 10 minutes, but she did have dance class this morning, so i'm happy with that. Nick and I didn't participate, as Nick fell asleep early today, and I stayed home with him. I will be movin' and groovin' tonight at an event for our theatre group. Now I must plan our food for the rest of the day!

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