Friday, October 10, 2008

Photoshoot - Oh What to Wear

Well, today was our family photoshoot day, and, as usual, I couldn't decide what to wear. I did try a few things on that didn't fit before, but they fit now, and that was very nice indeed. However, it was very nerve-wracking, as I absolutely loathe my reflection in the mirror. Perhaps if I installed one of those mirrors they have in the clothing shops that are angled just so, that any madam who looks at herself, sees a much thinner, and slightly taller reflection looking back.

Anyhow, Helen Tansey was very nice, and made us all feel welcome. She brought out some good smiles on our faces, and I gritted my teeth through it all. Someday I really do hope that I'll be able to smile at a camera, and mean it inside and out.

Newsflash! Today is weigh in day, and i'm down 8 pounds! Hooray! Only a billion more to go...oops, there goes that negative talk again. Try to say something positive. I lost 8 pounds....think of what that looks, that's a lot! Things are fitting better...more good news!

Hannah is still grudgingly following the Eat Clean way, but is missing her comfort food. But she was very happy to have had pizza today for lunch. It was made with low-fat mozza, rice flour crust, no sugar added sauce, and the crust was nice and thin. It was delicious, and almost felt like we were cheating, and yet all the ingredients are good ones. Yay! What I don't know is what kind of oil was used, but i'm going to guess that it was Olive, or some other good for you was that kind of place.

Craig made us some yummy veggie egg white omelettes (with one egg yolk to I think 4 eggs), and we had the pizza. Not sure what is on the menu for tonight though. Hannah is very excited, as she will be Little Chef and helping Big Chef (Daddy) make the apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Off to see what Old Mother Hubbard has in her cupboard for dinner. xo

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